Delivery:Copper oxide 10 tons

On the morning of September 6, shipping clerk  delivered 10 tons of copper oxide.

Hangzhou Fuyang Hongyuan renewable resources Co., Ltd. produces many kinds of chemical products, we mainly produce copper oxide, basic copper carbonate

Basic, dihydrate and anhydrous copper chloride.  Among them, the current daily output of copper oxide is 7-8 tons,

Storage: store in a cool, ventilated warehouse.  Keep away from fire and heat source.  It should be stored separately with reducing agent, alkali metal and edible chemicals, and must not be mixed.  The storage area shall be equipped with suitable materials to accommodate leaks.

Transportation: the packing should be complete and the loading should be safe.  During transportation, ensure that containers do not leak, collapse, fall, or damage.  It is forbidden to mix and transport with reducing agent, alkali metal and edible chemicals.  During transportation, it should be protected from sun exposure, rain and high temperature.  Vehicles should be thoroughly cleaned after transportation.

use of   cupric oxide

Determination of carbon in gas analysis.  Organic reaction catalyst.  Manufacture rayon and other copper compounds.  Optical glass luminescent agent.  As color material for artificial gem, colored glass, ceramic glaze color.

Used as glass, porcelain colorant, oil desulfurizer, hydrogenation agent, organic synthesis catalyst, but also used in the manufacture of rayon, gas analysis, etc.

Used as analytical reagent (for nitrogen determination), oxidant, catalyst;  Used as colorant for glass, enamel, ceramic industry, crease proof agent for paint, polishing agent for optical glass.

Used in the manufacture of dyes, organic catalyst carriers and copper compounds.  Also used in rayon manufacturing industry and grease desulfurizer.  It is used as a raw material in the manufacture of other copper salts, as well as in the manufacture of artificial gems.

Used as glass, porcelain pigment, desulfurizer, catalyst, but also for rayon industry;  For the determination of carbon in organic compounds;  Used as analytical reagent, oxidant, catalyst and petroleum desulfurizer;  Used as glass, enamel, ceramic industry colorant, Anti-wrinkle agent for paint, polishing agent for optical glass.

Post time: Jun-09-2022