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Zhejiang Hongyuan New Material Co., LTD. (Hangzhou Fuyang Hongyuan Renewable Resources Co., LTD.) was founded in December 2012. In December 2018,the company acquired Hangzhou Haoteng Technology Co., LTD., who is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province National Fuyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Xindeng New Area, with a total investment of 350 million yuan. The establishment of plant area is 50,000 square meters. We are a salt products and copper metal powder enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales.

Our company registered the trademark “Hongsheng” in September 2015. Our company’s main products are copper oxide powder, copper chloride, cuprous chloride, basic copper chloride, basic copper carbonate, etc.

We have 158 employees, including 18 full-time r&d personnel and 3 internal senior experts, medium and high title technical personnel 5 people. Our R&D team is composed with leading domestic experts, domestic metallurgical experts and other components with rich theoretical and practical experience.

At present, there are two water atomized metal powder production lines and two copper oxide powder production lines production line and 1 cuprous oxide production line. Its annual comprehensive capacity is 20000 tons. Moreover we are applying advanced combined technology of the circuit board etching liquid heald. We produce copper chloride, cuprous chloride, basic copper carbonate and other products with harmless disposal of copper etching solution, which annual comprehensive capacity is 15,000 tons, annual output value will reach 1 billion yuan.

Zhejiang Hongyuan is striving to build itself into an internationally famous and domestic first-class production base of copper salt products and metal powder. Our products are widely used in powder metallurgy, oil bearing, diamond tools, chemical catalyst, friction materials, friction materials, coating materials, welding Electrode, sealing material, load material, medical material, pesticide, feed, fireworks, pigment, fungicide, electroplating, anticorrosion and many other areas of industrial production.

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