• Cupric oxide CAS1317-38-0 30tons

    30 tons of copper oxide are to be shipped today.Packing: 1000kg/bagProduct Name Cupric oxideOther Name Copper oxideChemical Name CuOPhysical state : PowderColour: BlackMelting point/freezing point:102
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  • How are the shapes of fireworks made

    Fireworks add a festival to people’s life, especially during festivals, it increases the atmosphere. Method stepsColor.The color of fireworks is a different ratio of metal or its compounds burning, re
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  • We will take part in ICIF (China international chemical industry Fair) 2023 in Shanghai.Our booth No. E8-B08

    We will take part in ICIF (China international chemical industry Fair) 2023 in Shanghai.Our booth No. E8-B08We look forward to seeing you in Shanghai (4-6 September,2023).Post time:Jul-04-2023
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  • Delivery: 20 tons of basic copper carbonate

    Early this morning, the warehouse personnel encased and shipped 20 tons of basic copper carbonate to Shanghai port for export to Taiwan company.Hangzhou Fuyang Hongyuan Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. p
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  • Preparation of electroplating grade active copper oxide powder

    Using pure copper as raw material, active copper oxide powder was obtained through ammonium bicarbonate – ammonia water dissolved copper, ammonia removal at atmospheric pressure and roasting.The prope
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  • COPPER OXIDE 10TONS delivery to TaiWan China.

    Congratulations to our old customer on the smooth shipment of 10 tons of copper oxide.At the same time welcome more new and old customers to order products.Post time:Mar-02-2023
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  • Anhydrous copper chloride delivered

            On the afternoon of July 14th, the warehouse delivery personnel delivered 18 tons of anhydrous copper chloride.Hangzhou Fuyang Hongyuan renewable resources Co., Ltd. produces many kinds of che
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  • non-renewable resources

    Non-renewable resources refer to the natural resources that cannot be regenerated in a long time after human exploitation and utilization.It mainly refers to all kinds of minerals, rocks and fossil fu
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  • copper oxide CAS1317-38-0 have large stock

    2023 The New Year began, everything went into the right track, there are a lot of products produced every day. Among them, anhydrous copper chloride products are full of orders, which is already in sh
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  • Copper (Cuprum) is a metal element

    Copper (Cuprum) is a metal element, is also a transition element, chemical symbol Cu, English copper, atomic number 29. Pure copper is a soft metal with a red-orange metallic luster when cut and a pur
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  • About Renewable energy

    Renewable energy refers to a kind of energy that can be continuously used and recycled in nature, such as solar energy, wind energy, water energy, biomass energy, ocean energy, tidal energy, geotherma
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  • SDS of Copper Carbonate basic/ CAS 12069-69-1

    SDS of Copper Carbonate basic/ CAS 12069-69-1pplicant name:Hangzhou Fuyang Hongyuan Renewable Resources Co., LTDProduct Name: copper carbonate basicEdit date: 2022-09-16 Please click the Green link be
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