Cupric Chloride (Dihydrate)

Cupric Chloride (Dihydrate)
CAS # 10125-13-0
Synonyms:Copper(II) Choride Dihydrate
Molecular Weight:170.48
Physical Appearance:Green to Bluish-Green crystals

Assay:96 % Min
Copper Content:36.5% MIN
Acid Insoluble:0.03 % Max

In the manufacture of Phthalocyanine Green.
As a catalyst for organic and inorganic reactions.
In electrotyping bath for plating Cu on Al.
In photography as a fixer, desensitizer and reagent.
As mordant for dyeing and printing textiles.
As oxidizing agent for aniline dyestuffs.
In metallurgy: in wet process for recovering mercury from ores and in refining copper, silver and gold. In pigments for glass and ceramics.
As feed additive, wood preservative and disinfectant.

cupric chloride(24)

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