The Physicochemical character of basic cupric carbonate

The Shape of basic copper carbonate(CAS:12069-69-1): peacock green fine amorphous powder. copper carbonate hydroxide is insoluble in water and alcohol.  It is soluble in acid, ammonia and potassium cyanide solutions.

Basic copper carbonate is stable at room temperature and pressure.  Basic copper carbonate is insoluble in cold water and alcohol, decomposed in hot water, dissolved in acid to form copper salt.  Soluble in cyanide, ammonia, ammonium salt and alkali metal carbonate aqueous solution, forming copper complex.  Brown copper oxide is formed when boiled in a solution of alkali carbonate.  Unstable to hydrogen sulfide.  Heat to 200℃ to decompose black copper oxide, water (small droplets of condensation formed when cold) and carbon dioxide.  Unstable in hydrogen sulfide gas.  Solubility in water is 0.0008%.  Copper carbonate is dusty, so avoid contact with skin and eyes and inhalation.

Insoluble in water, soluble in ammonia to generate copper ammonia matching ions.  Decompose when heated to 220℃.  The 2∶1 basic copper carbonate is a sky-blue powdery crystal.  If placed in the air for a long time, it will absorb moisture and release part of carbon dioxide, slowly become 1∶1 type basic copper carbonate, insoluble in water, but soluble in ammonia and the formation of copper ammonia ion.  1653447969(1)

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