Mechanism of action of pesticide copper hydroxide

The mechanism of action of copper hydroxide is by releasing copper ions and the action of -SH, -NH2, -COOH, -Oh and other groups in the protein of fungi, leading to the death of bacteria and playing a bactericidal role.

Pesticide copper hydroxide can control many diseases, can be applied to a variety of crops, vegetables and so on. Such as citrus, rice, peanuts, cruciferous vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, Onions, peppers, tea trees, grapes, watermelon and so on. In particular, 77% copper hydroxide (wettable powder) as a pesticide fungicide for farmers often used a drug friends. It has good control effect on some diseases of fruits and vegetables,such as apple ring, anthrax, spot deciduous disease, brown spot, epidemic rot, etc. In addition, it also has a good effect on some grape diseases.

Pesticide copper hydroxide prevention and control objects:
1. Vegetable diseases
Prevention and control of tomato early blight, per mu with 77% wetable powder 133-200 grams (folding 103-154 grams of effective ingredients/mu), generally add water 75-100 kilograms, equivalent to dilution 500-750 times, fully mixed after foliar spray use, application period should be before the onset or the onset of spraying, generally every 7-10 days once, Spray three times in total; Use 61.4% dry suspension agent 150-177 grams per mu (effective component 92.1 — 107.5 grams/mu), generally add water 75-100 kg, foliar spray, at the beginning of the onset of the application, after every 10 days spray once, a total of four times. It has better effect on early disease prevention and control, and can also treat late disease. Compared with Bordeaux liquid, this medicine has better suspension and dispersion, easy to use and safe for crops. Specific determination of the number of application and the time between two application can be determined according to the severity of the disease. Prevention and control cucumber keratosis, downy mildew, per mu with 77% wetable powder 150-200 grams (folding effective component 115.5-154 grams/mu), generally add water 75-100 kg, mixed evenly after spraying. At the beginning of the onset of spraying, after every 7 days of application once, continuous application of 3-4 times, can effectively control horn spot disease, downy mildew.

2. Fruit tree diseases
Cankker disease of citrus tree of prevention and cure, root blight disease, 77% wettability powdery concentration 300, 800 times liquid (equivalent to 962.5, 2567 mg/kg), namely 100 grams of medicine add water 30, 80 kg, after mixing even spray. Application period for the onset of early spraying, general spraying 4-5 times, every 7-10 days to apply a drug, depending on the severity of the disease. General in citrus xie florescence, young fruit period, young fruit diameter 0.8-1 cm, 1.5-2.3 cm, autumn tip smoke hair 2-3 cm, autumn tip since the extension of the application of medicine is appropriate. 61.4% dry suspension concentration is 600 — 800 times liquid (equivalent to 767.5 — 1023.3 mg/kg). At the beginning of the onset of spraying, spraying commonly 3-4 times, each interval of 10 days, can effectively control canker disease, but also can concurrently treat anthrax. It is one of the copper preparations to replace Bordeaux liquid, with excellent suspension and dispersity, good resistance to rain erosion, long lasting effect period, easy to use, safe to crops, and no harm at the recommended dose.

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