Anhydrous copper chloride delivered









On the afternoon of July 14th, the warehouse delivery personnel delivered 18 tons of anhydrous copper chloride.

Hangzhou Fuyang Hongyuan renewable resources Co., Ltd. produces many kinds of chemical products, we mainly produce copper oxide, basic copper carbonate

Basic, dihydrate and anhydrous copper chloride.  Among them, anhydrous copper chloride is currently producing 3 tons per day, soon every day

Can reach 5-7 tons, anhydrous copper chloride packaging, drum, sealed,

Storage conditions:

Warehouse at low temperature, ventilated, dry, separate from food raw materials,

Copper chloride is a chloride of copper (II), chemical formula CuCl2.  Molecular formula: Cl2Cu, CAS:


Anhydrous copper chloride is a yellowish-brown solid that slowly absorbs water in the air to form blue-green dihydrate.  Copper chloride is found in nature in the very rare copper chloride.

Appearance and properties of copper chloride: brown or olive to yellowish brown powder

Uses of copper chloride: used as mordant, oxidant, wood preservative, food additive, disinfectant, also used in petroleum distillate deodorization and desulfurization, metal extraction, photography, etc


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