To celebrate our company’s sales volume breaking 19 millions in June!

Hangzhou Fuyang Hongyuan Renewable Resources Utilization Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating research and development, production, domestic and overseas sales of copper salt products and metal powder.Company main copper oxide powder, atomized copper powder, alloy copper powder, copper chloride, cuprous chloride, basic copper chloride, basic copper carbonate, copper hydroxide and other products.


Our Company sets up two water atomization metal powder production line, two copper oxide powder production line and 1 the cuprous oxide production line, the comprehensive capacity of 20000 tons, also used on domestic advanced technology, comprehensive utilization of PCB etching liquid copper etching liquid of harmless disposal to process the production of copper oxide, cuprous chloride, alkaline copper carbonate and other products.The annual comprehensive production capacity has reached 15,000 tons, and the annual output value will reach 1 billion yuan


My company is trying to make international, the domestic first-class copper salt products and metal powder production base, the products are widely used in powder metallurgy, oil bearings, diamond tools, chemical catalyst, friction material, brush materials, coating materials, welding, sealing material, load materials, medical materials, pesticides, feed, fireworks, pigments, fungicide, electroplating,Preservatives and many other industrial fields.


This month the company’s domestic sales have broken through nineteen millionsand foreign customers gradually increasing!

Post time:Jul-07-2022

Post time: 2023-12-29 14:06:24

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