Delivery today: 20 tons of basic copper carbonate

Delivery today: 20 tons of basic copper carbonate

Content: The shipper delivers 20 tons of basic copper carbonate to the domestic company.

Hangzhou Fuyang Hongyuan Renewable Resources Co., Ltd. produces all kinds of chemical products, we mainly produce basic copper carbonate copper oxide, anhydrous copper chloride, dichroic copper chloride, of which the current daily output of basic copper carbonate can reach 6 tons/day, the future output will reach 10 tons/day.  Packing: Sealed in bags, we ship one pallet of 1 ton, 40 bales, 25KG each..  Note: basic copper carbonate should not be in direct sunlight, should be separated from other items, storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to absorb leakage.

Basic copper carbonate contains BOTH OH- and CO3-2 carbonate, hence the name “basic” copper carbonate.  In air, copper reacts with O2, CO2 (OH)2 to produce CU2(OH)2CO3, which can produce CUO, H2O,CO2,CO3

Industrial use of basic copper carbonate, inorganic industry used in the manufacture of various copper compounds.  The organic industry uses it as a catalyst for organic synthesis.  Electroplating industry electroplating copper-tin alloy as copper ion additives.  Used in agriculture as a preventive agent against smut and also as an insecticide for seeds.  Animal husbandry as additives for copper in feed.  In addition, also used in fireworks, pigment production and other aspects.


It is a sky-blue powdery crystal.  If placed in the air for a long time, it will absorb moisture and release part of carbon dioxide, slowly become 1∶1 type basic copper carbonate, insoluble in water, but soluble in ammonia and the formation of copper ammonia ion.

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