Preparation of electroplating grade active copper oxide powder

Using pure copper as raw material, active copper oxide powder was obtained through ammonium bicarbonate – ammonia water dissolved copper, ammonia removal at atmospheric pressure and roasting. The properties of the activated copper oxide powder were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES). The results show that the purity of active copper oxide powder obtained by this method is more than 99%, and the content of metal impurities and dissolution rate meet the requirements of electroplating copper oxide powder, which can be directly used for electroplating copper circuit board.

Electroplated grade copper oxide – Properties

Black to brown-black amorphous powder. Melting point is about 1330℃; D is about 6.4. Heat of formation (25℃) -37.lkcal/RNOL. Soluble in acid into copper salt, soluble in ammonia water, ammonium chloride and potassium cyanide solution, respectively, to generate soluble complex salt, but also soluble in hydroxide alkali metal dilute solution and blue, insoluble in water, ethanol. It reacts on contact with acetylene and berkelium.

Electroplated grade copper oxide – process

Electrolytic copper is dissolved in nitric acid and heated to a pH of about 4 in the presence of excess copper. Filtrate and vaporize the solution to form the green base nitrate. After further heating, the solid was pulverized and then burned at 700℃ for several hours to get pure copper oxide powder.

Electroplated grade copper oxide – Use

Microanalytical reagents, such as carbon determination. Oxidant. The catalyst. Blue glass, sapphire manufacturing. Metal bonding curing agent.

Electroplated grade copper oxide – Safety

Inhalation, ingestion or skin contact may cause delayed reactions. If the substance comes into contact with skin or eyes, remove it immediately 49f974bf753cb7eef89ac64ad88fa568_1QozSllIzWQN_ssig=Witf8%2BrwT0&Expires=3381591482&KID=sina,ishare&range=282519-453018

Rinse water.

Post time: Jul-21-2022