How to use copper oxide powder in ceramics?

How to use copper oxide powder in ceramics?  How do you choose the best CuO for your specific needs?  Importance of quality of copper monoxide in ceramic production process.

Copper oxide – used on pottery

How to use copper oxide powder in ceramics?


Cupric oxide powder(CAS 1317-38-0) is a pigment used in the ceramic industry to give blue, green or red tones to ceramics, glazes and enamels.  Under normal oxidation conditions, the CuO molecule remains unchanged and produces a clear green color in the oxidized glaze.  Copper oxide (II) is noted for its ability to produce blood red and fiery red in reductive atmosphere firing, in which case it becomes Cu2O.  Curip Oxide, also known as the iron ore mineral, is used not only as a colorant in ceramics, but also in the production of enamel frits to increase adhesion to surfaces.  In addition, it is a strong flux and even 2% can significantly improve the melt fluidity of the glaze.


Importance of quality of copper oxide in ceramic production process.


The quality of black copper oxide powder plays a key role in ceramic production.  Carefully selected raw materials ensure high quality copper oxide free flowing powder.  In fact, copper oxide (CuO)(CAS 1317-38-0) batches can come in different technical specifications, grades and particle sizes to meet the different needs of ceramic, glaze and enamel production processes.  Arte Fo Ltd. sells black copper oxide in standard packaging.  For specific requirements, we can provide customized packaging according to customer requirements.

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