1 The treatment of wood preservative

Because of the relationship between the environment and the wood itself, it is easy to make the wood easy to rot and insects, which requires us to carry out wood preservative treatment.  So what are the methods of wood preservative treatment?


1. Wood preservative treatment method — immersion method

Under normal temperature and pressure, the wood is soaked in a tank or pool containing preservative solution, and the wood is always below the liquid level.  Soaking time depends on tree species, wood specifications, moisture content and pesticide type, specific to achieve the prescribed amount of pesticide retention and penetration shall be subject to.  In order to improve the treatment effect, ultrasonic wave, heating device and surfactant can be set up in the soaking solution to improve the permeability of wood.  Depending on the length of immersion time, immersion method can be divided into instant immersion (ask a few seconds to a few minutes), short-term immersion (time a few minutes to a few hours) and long-term immersion (time a few hours to a month).  Suitable for veneer and remedial preservative treatment, as well as temporary wood.34845c57ea3b585d8da25cc06ba6628d_t0157fe0c2e382b75f1

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