Antiseptic wood :ACQ and CCA

We commonly use two kinds of antiseptic wood preservatives, which are the traditional CCA wood preservative and the new ACQ wood preservative.  The biggest difference between the two is that the traditional CCA preservatives in addition to the strong anti-corrosion ability, contains certain toxicity, so can not be used indoors.  It can only be used in outdoor landscape construction;  And the new ACQ preservative wood only contains trace toxicity, basically harmless to human body, according to different anticorrosion grade, can be widely used, can be used in every corner of life.

So how to distinguish the preservative wood produced by these two preservatives?

CCA wood preservative (mainly composed of copper, chromium and arsenic compounds), CCA wood preservative is a concentrated brown solution with an active component of 65% and a PH value of 2~3. It has great prevention and control effect, good anti-loss performance of injected wood, and quickly generate insoluble compounds after curing of injected wood.  No volatilization, not affected by rain or soil moisture loss, strong weather resistance, light color odorless, does not affect paint, does not reduce wood strength and insulation, improve flame retardant performance and other characteristics.

Tips from Hangzhou Hongyuan Regeneration Co., LTD. : The wood treated by CCA preservatives is yellow-brown and green after a long time, so it is very easy to identify.

How to distinguish ACQ wood from CCA wood?



ACQ wood preservative is a water-soluble wood preservative composed of copper and quaternary ammonium salt. It is produced based on people’s increasingly high requirements for environmental protection, thus replacing CCA wood preservative in many aspects and becoming the mainstream wood preservative today.  ACQ wood preservatives are different from CCA in that they do not contain toxic and harmful substances to human beings (such as arsenic and chromium contained in CCA wood preservatives). The wood treated by ACQ wood preservatives is green and will gradually turn warm brown after being used outdoors for a period of time, without affecting the paint and coloring.

How to distinguish ACQ wood from CCA wood?  In fact, in the United States, the European Union and other countries have begun to ban the use of CCA and other arsenic containing preservatives, if not considering the cost, for the sake of environmental protection, we also recommend you to use ACQ anticorrosive wood when buying


Hangzhou Hongyuan Regeneration Co., Ltd. mainly produces basic copper carbonate, copper oxide, copper chloride, which can be used as ACQ wood preservatives.

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