How are the shapes of fireworks made

Fireworks add a festival to people’s life, especially during festivals, it increases the atmosphere.



Method steps


The color of fireworks is a different ratio of metal or its compounds burning, resulting in flame color reaction, and then produce different effects, emit a variety of light.

Sound effects.


Fireworks in the process of explosion will produce a large amount of gas, gas from the narrow spray hole, causing the surrounding air to vibrate, produce sound, similar to the sound of an orchestra.

To shine.


Fireworks drugs added in aluminum powder, magnesium aluminum powder and other metal powder combustion, resolve a large amount of heat and light energy, emit strong light, produce luminescence effect, and then play the role of lighting.

The effect.

Hardwood toner: Golden Star; Iron powder: Ganglan Xiaoxing; Aluminum powder: small white star

Discharge control. If you want a particular color you have to add a different metal powder magnesium is white and copper is green.



Azimuth: control the Angle of the launch cylinder; Time: control lead length; Height: control the dosage and discharge degree.


Appendix: Classification of fireworks


classification of fireworks: spinning, rising, spitting beads, incense, smoke and so on.



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