Copper oxide (chemical formula: CuO) is an oxide of copper, a black solid.

Copper oxide (chemical formula: CuO) is an oxide of copper, a black solid. It's a strong electrolyte. Insoluble in water and ethanol, soluble in acid, ammonium chloride and potassium cyanide solution, slowly dissolved in ammonia solution.

1. the main use of copper oxide is used as glass, ceramics, enamel green, red or blue pigment, optical glass polishing agent, oil desulfurizer, organic synthesis catalyst, manufacturing artificial gems and other copper oxides.
2. copper oxide in industrial uses are mainly rayon, ceramics, glaze and enamel, batteries, petroleum desulfurizer, insecticide, but also for hydrogen production, catalyst, green glass and so on.
3. chemical uses, as an oxidant, determination of carbon in gas analysis, as an organic reaction catalyst, manufacture of rayon and other copper compounds.

The chemical formula of basic copper carbonate is Cu2(OH)2CO3, also known as CuCO3·Cu(OH)2. The color is bright green, and copper usually exists in the form of this compound in nature. It is a substance produced by the reaction of copper with oxygen, carbon dioxide and water in the air. Insoluble in water.

1. used for catalyst, fireworks, pesticides, pigments, feed, fungicide, electroplating, corrosion and other industries and manufacturing copper compounds.
2. Used as analytical reagent and insecticide.
3. Used in organic catalysts, pyrotechnics and pigments. In agriculture, it is used as a preventive agent against smut, an insecticide and an antidote to phosphorus toxicity, as well as a fungicide for seeds; Mixed with asphalt to prevent livestock and wild mice from gnawing saplings; It is used as a copper additive in feed, as a dealkali agent in crude oil storage and as a raw material for producing copper compounds. It can also be used for electroplating, anti-corrosion and analytical reagents.
4. paint color, fireworks, pesticides, seed treatment fungicide, preparation of other copper salts, solid phosphor activator.

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