Production picture, packaging, warehouse and workshop of Hangzhou Fuyang Hongyuan Renewable Resources Utilization Co., LTD

Hangzhou Fuyang Hongyuan Renewable Resources Utilization Co., LTD

I. Pictures of production, packaging, warehouse and workshop

Dichroic copper chloride, anhydrous copper chloride, basic copper carbonate production reactor.

Two, Hongyuan copper chloride discharge port

1. After copper chloride passes through the reactor, the finished product is poured into the centrifuge at Position 2 through the pipe at position 1.

2. Copper chloride is dehydrated and spin-dried in no. 2 centrifuge.

3. The finished copper chloride after spin-drying is directly poured into no. 3 finished product tank from the centrifuge through the electric device.

3. Copper chloride enters the clean packaging bag directly from the discharge port.

4. Weigh and seal copper chloride after filling.杭州富阳鸿源再生资源利用有限公司生产包装仓库图片杭州富阳鸿源再生资源利用有限公司生产包装仓库图片

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