3 The treatment of wood preservative


Wood preservative treatment method — hot and cold tank

Use the principle that heat bilges cold to shrink, make the gas inside wood heat bilges cold to shrink, produce pressure difference, so that overcome liquid permeate resistance, be about wood is heated in hot liquid.  Make the air in small wood expands, partial moisture also evaporates, pressure of lumber interior is prep above atmospheric pressure, air and steam overflow to exterior, right now, place lumber quickly in colder liquid, lumber is suddenly cooled, the air inside lumber produces negative pressure because of contraction, cold liquid penetrates lumber inside.  According to the treatment method and the configuration of cold tank, it can be divided into double tank alternating method, single tank hot and cold liquid alternating method and single tank cooling method.  Due to the lower processing efficiency (compared with pressurization method), the energy consumption per unit of product is high.  It is widely used in small batch wood preservative treatment.

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